Our Story

In 1967, Bob Goff opened a small back alley auto body shop in Milwaukee. Shortly after this, he purchased a 4-bay shop in the (at the time) very rural community of Pewaukee, WI. After some local success, Goff’s Auto Body moved to a much smaller version of its current home on Wisconsin Ave. in Pewaukee. At this time, Bob connected with a local car sales operator named Jack Safro. Jack began selling a new brand of vehicle, called a Toyota, and Goff’s began fixing vehicles for Jack Safro Toyota – just as it does today.

In 1986, Bob came up with an innovative advertising idea while having lunch with his attorney. Goff had 3-D billboards created with an actual car bursting through the boards.  Then, he decided to add mannequins wearing costumes to the board. Each season he would change the costumes on the mannequins as to keep the boards fresh and amusing to the motorists that passed by. This unique form of advertising gained Goff’s local and national recognition.

In 1987, Bob Goff invented the Goff Curtain Wall. A movable partition wall used to separate contaminants in the body shop environment. This concept took off with colleagues across the country, so Goff built his own manufacturing facility in Pewaukee and began our sister company, Goff’s Enterprises, which is now operated by Bob’s son Tony.

In 1998, Goff’s built the second location Goff’s Collision Repair just 2 miles away from their original facility to capitalize on the exploding growth in the area. This large location proved to be an enormous success. Goff’s began winning local and national awards for cutting edge repair procedures and performance standards.

In 2007, a third Goff’s was built in the growing community of Germantown. Between 2013 and 2018, four additional locations were acquired in the Metro Milwaukee area. Today, Goff’s has seven area locations and the company is currently operated by Bob’s daughter, Angela.